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Types of controls used by  L'oréal

L'oreal Markets

Maturity Markets:  West Europe, North America.
  • Maturity markets grow up less than the new markets. These are produce by GDP of West Europe and North America growth up lower than the GDP.
  • They are leaders in this to market, where they take the 35.6% Western Europe 25.0% North America of the total market.
  • Strategy of the Maturity market is to maintain and be the leader using the innovation being in front of their competitors in this markets.

New Markets: East Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
  • Markets of opportunities to grow up , which  there are a lot of population in cooperation with the  maturity market  that is means more necessity  to sells products. (Grow ass a company)
  • The GDP of this market Sells (IS GETTING BIGGER)

Asia and Oceania   34%

Latin America 12%

East Europe 7%

Africa 4%

Standards of L'oreal:





Negative aspects of L'oréal control
It’s a really huge company that is the leader of the markets in the world. The problem is that when you are the leader  you have to maintain the most of sells that you did before at the markets that you control the most  because  you can not grow in the mature market.

Corrective action of L'oréal
L'oréal stop to try their product with animals.

Control process create by L'oréal
L’Oréal created a Worldwide Diversity section and from 2007 onwards coordinators were selected to the group’s twigs. Today, this network of around 30 people is composed of HR managers.

The most countries that L'oréal sells their products. They have a different types of managers in each country that works as a totally different company between them. Because in a difference countries there are a difference needs, but they have the top managers in Paris where they rule the hold company.

L'oreal awards
They get a difference awards in the differences brands that they have. shampo more sell of the year, product chose by the costumers... etc

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