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COMMUNICATION is defined as the activity of conveying information throught the exchange of thoughts, messages , or information, as by speeches, writing or behavior.
As we are going to see, L`oreal is a perfect example of communication, because they do not meet with the definition meet above, they also go along.

L´oreal has created "L`oreal & Me " and it provides greater clarity on policies and processes, strengthens dialogue between managers and employees, and boosts employee involvement in decisions concerning their career and development. The programme embodies L’Oréal’s ambition to build a lasting mutual commitment between the company and all its employees.

For the LEADERSHIP part, they have been archived numerous awards as The International Top 20 for Leader Development and is also recognized by the World Diversity Leadership Council.

The International Top 20 for Leader Develpment is an award  recognition of the company’s excellence in creating a robust and sustainable pipeline of leaders. The organizer of the study, Aon Hewitt, states that the top companies have “an intense focus on talent, and they are deliberate about hiring, coaching, developing and rewarding success. Their leadership programs are practical, relevant and aligned with business goals.” L’Oréal was recognized for its unique capacity to internally develop its own leaders, making long term commitments with unique individuals that will build the company in the future.
For the other hand, L’Oréal was recognized by the World Diversity Leadership Council for its diversity initiatives and in particular for its innovative products launched by its brands. This is the first time that L’Oréal received an international recognition for the cultural diversity of its products.
L`Oreal was one of the four companies honored for innovation in devrisity management during the World Diversity Leadership Summit, held in Prague in 2006. L`Oreal was selected by a peer jury of corporate diversity executives.They recognized its ability to offer products adapted to the needs of consumers around the world.This forum was attended by 200 senior corporate, government and non-governmental organization officitals from around the world.

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