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1. Take a look to our history!
Eugène Schueller, created on the 30th ofJuly, 1909, the " French Society of Inoffensive Hair Dyes ", which will become later in L'Oréal.
He was a young chemist full of ideas that made the first hair dye formulas, named "Oréal", based on harmless chemical compounds, a remarkable feat for the time.
Self-willed and ambitious, Eugène Schueller manages to convince Parisians take their dyes hairdressers. It relies on representatives to sell their products throughout France and then creates a school of dyes in the Louvre Paris street. Having understood that their success is closely linked to the hairdressers, immediately he created a privileged link with the profession. A bond that will never cease to be strengthened.

In the 80 we expanded: women worked, becamed coquettish, and no longer wanted their gray hair to betray their age.  So, in the 90 L’Oreal becomes a multinational: Italy, Austria, and Holland in, but also in the United States, Canada, England, and Brazil… 

But, let´s have a look to our major landmarks:
    • 1931 The pioneer of advertising
    • 1954 A key stage in L’Oreal’s international growth: the United State
    • 1963 L’Oréal listed on the stock Exchange
    • 1983 Opening of Japanese research center
    • 2000 L’Oréal publishes its Code of Business Ethics
    • 2012 Solidarity Sourcing, a solidarity program at the heart of the business.
2. Do you want to know more formal data?
L’Oreal has a century of experience in cosmetics. It began as a small company. Nowadays it is a multinational declared as a Public Limited company. A form of trading company where the capital is provided by shareholders and divided into shares (the shares can be publicly traded in the stock markets). These shareholders are not personally liable for the company's debts.
L'OREAL SPAIN SA was incorporated on 10.10.1950 with the objective “MANUFACTURE, DISTRIBUTION, SALES, MARKETING, IMPORT AND EXPORT OF ALL TYPES OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS". and is dedicated to the NACE activity "Manufacture of soaps and other perfumery and cosmetics .

Quick view to key figures:

The board of directors
  1.  Jean-Paul Agon (Chairman and CEO)
  2.  Jean-Pierre Meyers (Vice-Chairman of the board of directors)
  3. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Vice-Chairman of the borad of directors and chairman of Nestle)
  4. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers (Chairwoman of Téthys and of the bettencourt Schueller Foundation)
  5. Paul Bulcke (Managing director, with Nestlé)
  6. Charles-Henri Filippi (Former Chairman of HSBC France)
  7. Xavier Fontanet (Former Chairman of Essilor)
  8. Bernard Kasriel (Former CEO of Lafarge)
  9. Christiane Kuehne (with Nestlé, heads the Food Strategic BU)
  10. MarcLadreit de Lacharrière (Member of the institute, Chairman and CEO of Fimalac. Chairman of Fitch)
  11. Jean-Victor Meyers (Member of the Supervisory Board of Téthys)
  12. Virginie Morgon (Member of the Executive Board and Chief Investment Officer)
  13. Annette Roux (Vice-Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of Benéteau)
  14. Louis Schweitzer (Former Chairman-and CEO of Renault from 1992 to 2005, Chairman of the Board of Directors)
The Board of Directors consists of 14 members. Its composition is balanced, with in particular three directors who are members of the Bettencourt family (2,4,11), three directors from Nestlé S.A. (3,5,9), (those are also shareholders), and six independent directors (6,7,8,10,13,14). Each director brings a unique perspective and expertise acquired over a career, in most instances international. This combination of talents and experience is conducive to dynamic and constructive exchanges that senior management and the executive committee can rely on to accompany the implementation of the group's strategy. 

There is also the board´s comitte, which has different members excep from Jean-paul agon that is also inside.
Jean Paul Agon (Chairman and Chief executive Officer)
Laurent Attal, EVP* Research and Innovation
Jean-Philippe Blanpain, EVP Operations                       
Nicolas Hieronimus, President Selective Divisions
Brigitte Liberman, President Cosmetic Active division
Marc Menesguen, President Consumer Products Division
Christian Mulliez, EVP Administration and Finances
Alexandre Popoff, EVP Eastern Europe Zone
Sara Ravella, EVP Communication, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Frederic Rozé, EVP of the Americas Zone
Geoff Skingsley, EVP Africa - Middle East Zone
An Verhulst-Santos, President Professional Products Division
Jérôme Tixier, EVP Human Resources and Advisor to the Chairman
Johen Zaumsel, EVP Western Europe Zone
Alexis perakis –valat, Executive Vice-President Asia Pacific Zone

L’Oréal's Executive Committee is composed of 15 members, in charge of the group's operational and functional divisions or major geographical zones.

3. Merco?
L’Oreal is inside Merco index in the 32th position. This is a very good result because all the enterprises that are in front of Loreal are only Spanish companies that quote in Ibex 35. In the ranking inside its sector it is the 1st.

  • Corporate Reputation:
    • Economic results: As we´ve already seen they have very clear information regarding economic figures and we can see that the company has done very well in 2013 with a 3.87 operting profit in bilions.
    • CRS: This is, as well, one of the strognest points of LÓréal. The ambitions in this field are visible( Sharing Beauty with all commitment)and they own one of the companies that most fights for CRS: The body shop.
    • Quality of the product: Personally, all of us think that L´Oreéal offers very good products and which is very important: a great variety.
    • Inside  reputation: We can see that they take care about this very much because they have created the code of ethics, and they are always very aware of them: Integrity, Transparency, Respect and courage.
    • International dimension: L´Oréal is a multinational with presence in 130 countries, so it is pretty obvious that this is another strong point.
    • Innovation:They invest so much in innovation and even is one of their values. L’Oréal's Research and Innovation employs 4,009 people of approximately 60 nationalities.They have research and evaluation centres and work with more than 30 universities
4. Relationship with shareholders and stakeholders.
Our relation with the shareholders is very professional and close. Cleary, you can notice that the amjor shareholders: Bettencourt family and Nestlé are also memebrs of the board of directors, so there is a collaboration and not only a financial relationship.

Regarding the relation with stakeholders we highlight that L’Oreal is a company that stands out especially because of its proximity to the customer, and his willingness to listen always what they ask; in fact we have a very clear example of this : L’Oreal invited us cordially to visit their offices and have a meeting with several of the professionals who work here. However, they also have a very good relation with media: their information is very easy to get trought their website, for instance. Finnally, it is worth saying that the relation with the disabled communities is admirable: they have special programs for them. Click here!

5. We care!
For L’Oreal company, beauty is also for environment and bioversity: that´s why they believe in CRS as a part of beauty.
Jean Paul agrees on the idea that the company has always been doing business thinking of CSR. He also declares that they have done a lot so far but still need to improve: that´s why they have a lot of ambitions plans for the future. A new plan called: “Sharing beauty with all" for 2020 has already been programmed.
In fact, there is a wide range of awards we´ve received. click here to see all of them:
6. Management skills
  • Technical skills: Inside the board of directors all of them possess this skill, specially the ones that are formers chiefexecutives of other enterprises from diverse sectors. They have a lot of knowledge on how to manage an enterprise and, as it has been said, they can provide lots of different points of view. In addition, among the memebrs of the comittee, they all posses this skill because, as we can see on their bibliography, they all have years of experience working in L´Oréal and have been growing inside it. Hence, their knowledge in the sector is very huge. Let´s check an example: The CEO: Jean Paul Agon joined LÓréal in 1978 and in 1981he was named the manager for the consumer Products division in Frnace, then he became de general manager, and he kept growing till he became on 2011, Jean-Paul Agon was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal.
  • Human skills: We have deduced that all of them have human skills because first of all, the main idea of LÓréal is to make beauty for the society, so its very linked to humanity. Secondly, since both the directors and the comittee are made up of a lot of people , they must have those skills: they must work very well together in order to make the company be so successful. Finnally, Jean Paul has shown this human skills by the numerous conferences he has done.
  • Conceptual skills: In their sector and in every huge company there are always very complex situations and LÓréal has always come up with new ideas and very efficient solutions. 
However, what we have found in common in the Chairman and Chief Executive Officers: Eugène SchuellerFrançois Dalle , Charles Zviak, Lindsay Owen-Jones ,Jean-Paul Agon is that they are energetic, fighter, constructive and always seeking for results  With a great variety of targets and responsibilities in mind. The leadership is based on a deep knowledge of, an L’Oreal international perspective and a global view of the great deals of the future.

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